Before my 7-year journey in fitness began, I was overweight and really began to dislike the way my body and health were going. After years of researching training and nutrition principles and consistently putting what I had learned into practice I achieved my goal physique. Throughout this time my passion for health and fitness grew and it became more about the transformation process than the end goal, a passion I began to share with friends and family to help them get in better shape also.

My qualifications further added to my existing knowledge and gave me the tools to pursue my passion as a career. I practice what I preach and only use proven methods that I have found effective to help my clients achieve their goals. My aim is to establish what the true goals and motivation of my clients are and to use this as the driving force to achieve. You will always be progressing and learning throughout our time together so you have the knowledge to get in shape at your disposal in the future also. I’m not just here to guide you, I’m here to team up with you.

As nutrition is a fundamental part of getting in shape, I give my clients the knowledge to make informed choices. This means I do not provide meal plans or a strict eating regimen, as I believe the best diet is one you can stick to. I preach balance to all my clients as fitness should be part of your life, not controlling your life.

I have worked with a large array of clients with varying goals including fat loss, muscle building, improved agility, sports performance, balance and co-ordination, improved dancing ability, conditioning, physique shaping, sporting event preparation, improved posture and flexibility and so forth. Whatever your goals, I take it in my stride. We will start this together with your goals in mind and I will be with you every step of the way.


REPS Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer Level 2 Circuit Training Level 2 Kettlebell Training




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Established in 2011, Regime Fitness is one of the regions largest providers of Personal Training, Corporate wellness & Gym Facility Management with over 25 personal trainers in facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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