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I have been heavily involved in fitness since my early years, an avid rugby league player who also enjoyed the game of cricket. Born and raised in Australia, playing sport was an integral part of my upbringing which in turn guided me into my passion of health and fitness.

I studied Human Movement during my first two years of tertiary study and later decided to further my studies through the Bsc Exercise Science and Business Management pathway. After completion of my degree, I ventured into the fitness world to share my new found knowledge to as many individuals as I could reach.

I have been an accredited exercise scientist for four years, the first two years in Australia and the last two here in the UAE. I feel extremely privileged to be working in the fitness industry, a dream job where I can use my obtained tools to help as many individuals with any health and fitness goal achieve what they desire!

During my time in the industry I have learnt to utilise many different tools that are needed for clients to progress with their health. I have competed courses in the fields of bodybuilding, strength and power testing as well movement based courses such as VIPR and TRX. I have experience in numerous fields so no matter who you are or what your desire may be, I’m willing to and able!

I provide clients with personalised training program’s as well as detailed nutritional advice based on personal preference and lifestyle factors. There is no one perfect way for any human being to achieve their fitness goals. My job as a trainer or coach is to provide much needed guidance and education to those who I work with. I am here to work with you, not against you, to reach your sought after goal. I am here to empower you, to want to push yourself harder, to make better choices and to improve all aspects of your mind and body through fitness. All of these characteristics will translate into everyday life which is what health is about, improving YOU!


Bsc Exercise Science


Bodybuilding, Strength and conditioning, Functional Movement (TXR AND VIPR), Isak Level 1 Body Composition

NATIONALITY : Austrailian

MOBILE : 050 948 4636

EMAIL : Tim@regime.ae


Established in 2011, Regime Fitness is one of the regions largest providers of Personal Training, Corporate wellness & Gym Facility Management with over 25 personal trainers in facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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