I am a highly effective and enthusiastic Personal Trainer with a passion for health and fitness, and a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals.


My focus lies in combining a practical, achievable yet challenging workout routine with a sustainable, healthy nutrition programme to enable clients to reach their targets. I inspire people by example, demonstrating that regular exercise and healthy choices lead to an empowering sense of wellbeing. Possessing the necessary communication and people skills not only to gain the trust of clients but also to inspire them.

My interests lie in working with people to get results. I am passionate about exercise and nutrition, and believe that strength, resistance and cardio training are all a crucial part of this. I believe that you can’t have a healthy body and mind without eating a healthy diet, and I am continually striving to improve my own strength and conditioning through a good nutrition plan and regular, varied strength and cardio training.

I am energetic, personable, thorough, enthusiastic and flexible. I work with a wide range of clients, both in group and one to one situations, and enjoy building a good rapport which I believe is crucial in helping to inspire people to achieve their goals.

I work with long term clients, constantly revising and adapting their programmes to ensure that all sessions are interesting, challenging and fun, while always keeping the client’s goals in mind. I also offer short programmes working intensively with clients before weddings and holidays or to kick start a training regime. I strongly believe that as a Personal Trainer there is always more to learn and we need to keep our skills updated.


Kettlebell Instructor Training Qualification CYQ NVQ Level 3 Personal Training/Advanced Fitness Instructing – Gym - Movement Analysis - Functional Biomechanics - Exercise Prescription for Fat Loss - Advanced Human Motion - Advanced Resistance Training CYQ NVQ Level 3 TIDE (Outdoor Bootcamp)


MOBILE : 056 343 8402

EMAIL :hannah@regime.ae


‘From training with Hannah I have seen a huge change in my size and shape as well as my tone and strength. No two sessions are the same and the exercises are never boring – except burpies! I wanted to be pushed to work out hard, and Hannah encouraged me to work out at 10 out of 10 for the whole session, every session. One of the biggest gains I got from working with Hannah was to be able to re-assess patterns in my diet. Her honest appraisal of my eating habits has helped me introduce a better way of thinking about food and change from eating for comfort or stress to making better food choices. I can tell that Hannah thinks about each of her clients individually and is dedicated to seeing each person achieve their different goals.’


Established in 2011, Regime Fitness is one of the regions largest providers of Personal Training, Corporate wellness & Gym Facility Management with over 25 personal trainers in facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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